Top 14 Gifts for Those Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the festival of love, while for others, it is just another day out of the 365 days that we live for. So, Valentine’s day’s idealistic theory doesn’t exist for the people applying to the second category.

And if you have a partner about this category who adores you but can’t just tolerate the cliched stuff people do on Valentine’s, then chuck out all the muddy, cheesy lovey-dovey Valentine’s gifts.

Alternatively, try out some non-romantic Valentine’s presents to produce a smile on his/her face. Some of these Valentine’s day presents for husband, wife, boyfriend, etc. Let’s go!

A Smart Garden

A smart garden is a perfect solution to grow your herbs and flowers, even in winter. Little seeds are loaded, and all the nutrients are required to plant fresh herbs and blooms to plug them in and see them growing.

A Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

A romantic partner will suppose this wearable is super gentle — when one person touches their bracelet, the other’s waves gently to let them know you’re thinking about them and your relations.

A Sleeping Mask

If your partner has to travel quite a lot, due to his/her work schedule, you can present him/her something like this which he/she can carry along. It would not just take care of him/her during long flights, but also prompt you that distance would mean nothing when the person who has granted him/her this signifies so much.

A Personalized 3D Crystal

For a non-romantic person something extraordinary would be the best present! An engraved photo of your beloved person would melt any heart, it doesn’t matter how old you are or else. Just choose the crystal size and your best mutual photo, and here you are!

Bar Items

Maturity might not come with age, but drinking certainly does come with an age limit. So, if the man/woman of your thoughts likes to hold a peg or two of his favorite beverages, you can go ahead by gifting a pair of vintage bar accessories to him/her

A Beer Subscription

Take the guesswork out of gifting by acknowledging your guy up for a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly craft beer subscription. And if he’s the kind to share a cold one or two with his buddies.

Black Roses

Valentine’s Day is usually affiliated with red and pink flowers. Put a problematic twist on this classic gift by getting black roses. They still have the passionate aura of romance that brighter roses present, but they offer a different prospect that’s certain to deceive your partner. Such a gift is okay for those who adore bad jokes.

Concert Tickets

It doesn’t mean how much your dear denies the idea of Valentine’s Day presents: there’s no way they’ll say no to discussing their favorite artist live. Concerts make the ideal gift for anyone who would instead be crying and song lyrics than seeing a romantic comedy or else.

A Funny Card

Valentine’s Day cards are typically loaded with sincere letters and the most honest poetry. A hilarious card is a much more reliable option for your partner. For added laughs, present the card as if it will be filled with a heartfelt letter.

A Mini Fireplace

Keep the flame lit, so to talk, with a miniature fireplace that’ll burn neat and bright wherever your spouse wishes to put it.

A Photo Calendar

If you have difficulty saying what you feel in words — it’s pretty tough! — then present it in photos. Artifact Uprising lets you pick 12 individual images as well as a font theme, then print journal pages for an upright walnut easel she can put on her desk. Memories, lots of memories!


If you don’t want to be the gushy, passionate guy, be the guy who gets his spouse the top tech gift of the year. Apple always wins, as you know!

A Pet Walking Kit

Destroy her precious pup, and you’ll earn yourself countless brownie points. Matching walk kits are about as chic as dog accomplices can get.

A Matcha Kit

An at-home matcha kit accommodates the adventurous caffeine drinker. Such an unusual beverage would wake your feelings and give you both a vivacity! We hope this post gave you some unique ideas for gifts to help you plan an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for your non-romantic person.

You can check out the rest of our blog for more gift inspiration or browse our shop for personalized keepsakes your partner will fancy!




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